What is LegacyArmour ?

LegacyArmour stores your client's important information such as insurance policies, finances, wills, health directive and more into encrypted vaults designed to monitor their well being, and automatically delivers it to their recipients or beneficiaries in case of death or incapacitation

Legacyarmour offers its partners network competitive referral rewards so they invest it back into their business ! 

We provide the training, marketing collateral & support all the way!

"LegacyArmour is a brilliant and much needed service. It is one of the most innovative businesses I've seen in a long time!"

John Himebook, CTO
​​​​​​​SunGaurd Data Systems

Sungard Data Systems
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"Great Technology for Life Insurance "

Phillip Lowry

"FINRA Enablement & Compliance"
​​​​​​​Patrick Martin

"No More Unclaimed Benefits"

Mary Kelly

Insurance Agencies, Agents, Brokers, Wealth Advisors & Estate Planners

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