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Expand Your Service Portfolio While Earning Commission!
Partner with LegacyArmour!

LegacyArmour affiliate program is desgined for Independemt Marketing Organizations in the Insurance and financial planning industries, offered by LegacyArmour LLC

You work hard to provide your clients with the right insurance policy, or the right financial or retirement plan, but what happens to that information if your client passes on or is incapaciated. Their loved ones may not be aware of these assets or these benefits.

LegacyArmour ​​​​​​​is a life monitoring platform with all the life planning tools your client needs to complete an estate portfolio.  LegacyArmour then stores their insurance, legal, financial and healthcare documents , and ensures they are automatically delivered to their designated recipients in case of death or incapacitation.

No more unclaimed insurance benefits! No more  lost financial assets, and no more hassle! Give your clients the peace of mind they deserve and differentiate yourself from the competition by showing them you care past your engagement with them. LegacyArmour​​​​​​​ will boost your sales pitch and your value proposition!

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Calling Brokers  & Independent Marketing Organizations in 
Insurance, Finance & Healthcare!

Generous Commission For Each New Referral!

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Understand Your Mission

We want to understand your current service portfolio and how including the LegacyArmour life planning & monitoring service can add value

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Understand Your Clients

We want to understand your client needs , demographics, and how you currently service them so we can customize your added value proposition to them

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Customize Your Offering

We will create a commission structure and engagement plan that is tailored specifically for your business model

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Support Your Agents

Your sales and marketing teams will receive training to help them understand the legacyarmour value and how to share it with your clients

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Support Your Clients

LegacyArmour provides support for your clients when they signup with our service

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Watch Your Business Grow

Earn Commission while providing your customers more options when signing up with you

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All training, marketing collateral and support is provided to make sure your orgnization succeeds

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